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Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata in the mystic Möll canyon


This Via Ferrata is in a very nice canyon with 5 rope bridges, a little height difference and more crossings. Till exit 1 it is also suitable for beginners (a part of difficulty C). 

The second part  is very exacting for climbing, but you will need the  strength of your arm.

By high water level it is a little bit serious to climbing and you can expect to be wet.

Material hire

In the Sonnblick Inn for a written statement for neccessary knowledge or in the local sport shops.


Along the street until Zlapp chapel and then till the Start point. There is already a part of  section A .

Tipp: Belt and climbing set already appeal at the parking place.

Via Ferrata

Until the exit 1 there are no special  requirements,  but there is a quite high rope bridge, that exposes vertigo.

At the part 2 there are some C / D difficulties which may be assessed when it is wet. (Tipp: leave your arms streched)


at the parking place

Conditions at a climbing with a mountain guide

 Swindle free, some strength in you hands, courage