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Experience the national park and its uniqueness on numerous beautiful hiking opportunities with varying degrees of difficulty. Here are a few expert recommendations:

Take part in our breakfast at dawn experience! You can have breakfast comfortably in a natural setting while literally starting your day with the very first rays of sunlight. We heartily invite you to this one-of-a-kind experience.

Breakfast at dawn "Hohe Wand" (High Wall)

The Gößnitzfall is said to be the mightiest waterfalls of the whole national park and lies in the midst of an impressive cliff gulch. The naturel experience way "Natura Mystica" opens this spectacle of nature by a view pulpit. The Kachlmoor also belongs to the other climaxes of this easy route. This fen, has originated from a landslip after the decline of the late-glacial Pasterze. Today it is an important living space for amphibians (grass frog, yellow belly toad) in the Hohe Tauern National Park. (National park-traveling bus)
Starting point: HUNGUEST Hotel Heiligenblut

Walking time: 2 hours

Gößnitzfall – Kachlmoor

Because of the way the path was laid out, the “Geo-Trail” is unique in the Hohe Tauern. A magnificent circular route with no major ascents or descents has been created right on the main ridge of the Alps; at an altitude of about 2,500m, it affords fabulous views into the middle and far distance.
Description of the tour: At the cable car top station descend to Mauskarscharte (notch), from there across the left flank as far as the main ridge of the Tauern in the area of Tauernköpfl. Then walk around the north side.

Return to the starting place about 100 metres below the outward path.

Geotrail Tauernfenster (Tauern Window)

There is no other trail quite like it! Easy, broad and with no significant inclines, this panoramic trail takes you above the impressive ice river that is the Pasterze glacier, immediately opposite the towering Großglockner and right into the heart of the National Park.
At the beginning of the trail, the hiker is met with several tunnels that are fun to inspect. There are amazing exhibitions about the legendary world around the Großglockner. Stepping back into the daylight after 800 metres you will be entranced by a stupendous panorama: névé domes, avalanches of glacial ice, razor-sharp ridges, the Pasterze glacier, and towering above all these Austria’s highest summit, the Großglockner. Past the "Gamsgrube" Specially Protected Area, a habitat for some of the rarest plants in the whole of Europe, the trail extends right up to the fringes of eternal ice, the "Wasserfallwinkel Kees".
Description of the tour: The entrance to the 1st tunnel is located at Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, between the National Park Information Centre and the Freiwandeck inn. From there continue along the broad, easy footpath, past the former Hoffmannshütte, as far as the fringes of the glacier. Return by the same route.

Gamsgrube Nature Trail

The Pasterze – the largest glacier in the Eastern Alps – is the destination of this magnificent National Park footpath: surrounded by superb névé summits rolls a 9km long ice river that heaves itself forward over an enormous glacial fracture – the so-called “Hufeisenbruch” – right to the spot where the mighty glacier tongue releases the waters of the young Möll river.
Description of the tour: From the Glockner House “Alpincenter” first you descend to the Magritzen reservoir and walk across the top of the dam. Then, by way of the Elisabethfelsen crags you proceed to the Sandersee lake and cross its outflow gorge by rope bridge. Across the glacier approaches you will finally reach the mighty Pasterze, before walking up to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe on the Großglockner High Alpine Road. The last bit is slightly strenuous. Using the Pasterze Glacier funicular will shorten your ascent and is free-of-charge with the National Park Kärnten Card!

Pasterze Glacier Trail - Tracking the ice age

The Bricciuskapelle (1629 m) is a historical place, because the chapel was first mentioned as a death-place of the Saint Briccius as early as in 1271. According to the legends he brought the blood of Christ to Heiligenblut. The chapel is the endpoint of the " Heilwasser-Bricciusweges ". This takes you past the botanical gem "Alpenblumensteig Sattelalpe" and on a breath taking observation platform to the earlier mentioned chapel and to their medicinal spring, which can heal for example eye diseases.

Starting point: HUNGUEST Hotel Heiligenblut

Walking time: 1.5 hours, to the Bricciuskapelle

The Briccius chapel

With the funicular (seasonal operating) you have to go to Schareck and from there you need to follow the marked way (about 15 minutes) to Seppen Alm. From there also on marked way to Weißenbach and towards the valley to the Großer Fleißbach. Leaving the valley behind we continue our way, past the Fleiß funicular until the parting of the old riverside and we turn right to direction Fleißwirt. Before the gashouse on the right, over the village Fleißwirt get back to Heiligenblut. ( Nationalpark-Wanderbus )

Starting point: valley station of the Grossglockner Bergbahnen in Heiligenblut Walking time: approx. 3 hours

Large Fleiß valley

The large Zirknitztal was incorporated into the protected area in 2001. Rightly so, for there is such a nice circus formed by the glacier, which was marked for centuries by gold mining. A lovely walking trail rich in yellow pine opens up the valley to the historic "Pay Table" (2114 m), where once the minor for their hard work under days were paid! It continues up to the gentle Eckalmen, with a view to the Grossglockner, and then on the "Farber Kaser" against return to the starting point.

Starting point: Car park Large Zirknitztal at Großkirchheim (you can reach it with car in 15 minutes)

Walking time: 4 hours through "Pay Table" and Eckalmen

Tauern Gold Way - Large Zirknitz Valley

The Mohar (2604 m) is one of the nicest view summits in completely Carinthia. From his summit there comes up a really unique view which reaches of the cliff castles of the stack group about the Großglockner and Sonnblick to far back in the south, to the Dolomites. The summit is light from the mountain inn "Glocknerblick" to mount and can be expanded to a round tour: about the Göritzer Törl, near the "washing way" where the tracks from the golden mining time are incalculable one enters the world-forgotten high valley of toiling. Here the Sadnighaus invites to the well-earned rest.

Starting point: Parking lot mountain inn Glocknerblick (2047 m)

Driveway: Fork of the Mölltal federal highway in Döllach and on mountain road about the place Sagritz and the Weiler Allas to Gasthouse Glocknerblick (About 20 minutes by car)

Walking time: Round tour: Mohar about washing way and Sadnighaus – 5 hours


The long Seebachtal shows the hikers two completely different faces: the front part of the valley is flat and on the natural philosophy route easy to hike, while behind the managed "Schwußner tent" a trackless tremendously impressive alpine wildnis begins. The hike on this natural philosophy route is rewarding enough, because it wait for such outstanding natural features, such as the Stappitzer lake, a true paradise for migratory birds (natural history information and bird observation tower!) or of the "Praying forest". The acquisition of the pocket leader (OEaV pocket leader) to the Seebachtal is recommended! ( Nationalpark-Wanderbus )
Starting point: the car park at the valley station of the Ankogel-Seilbahn (1,260 m), at the end point of the road into the Seebachtal
Driveway: diversion from the town center in Mallnitz in the Seebachtal up to the parking lot (about 70 minutes from the HUNGUEST Hotel Heiligenblut by car
Walking time: On the Naturlehrweg Schwußner tent up to 2.5 hours and back

Seebachtal - Stappitzer See – Stappitz Lake

Experience 3000 - a mountain hike on the Mittleren Bärenkopf (3.356m)

Every Wednesday you can experience the impressive peaks around Heiligenblut guided by an experienced and certified mountain guide. A little bit of endurance required, this high alpine hike for large and small fit and also a fantastic vacation experience, what you should not miss.

Sonnblick over the Fleiss valley

High Alpine Tour, first on the marked trails and than in the upper regions over the glacier. Fresh snow can significantly complicate the pathfinding and the falling crevasses can increase the risk.

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